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woaw is a web platform and social network that promotes animal-friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyles. It was created by entrepreneur Jhon López and was originally called «MrGreen.» In its early days, it started as a way to connect people and showcase plant-based restaurants worldwide. Over time, it has become one of the most prominent platforms globally that promotes respect for animals in an authentic and fun way.

Red Social Vegana

Gwoaw is a web platform and social network that promotes animal-friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyles. It was created by entrepreneur Jhon López, originally named «MrGreen.» In its early stages, it started as a way to connect people and showcase plant-based restaurants worldwide. Over time, it has evolved into one of the globally renowned platforms that authentically and joyfully promotes respect for animals.

Currently, Gwoaw remains a leading platform in promoting respect for animals and the environment, and it does so with a unique and innovative style. Green energy and magic have become distinctive symbols of the brand and can be found in all aspects of the platform, from its design to its content.

In 2017, the platform still carried the name MrGreen, and it was in its early development stage, continuously expanding its options to connect people with restaurants and other food-related establishments, such as bakeries, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, juice stores, among others. As it evolved, the social network incorporated new tools and themes, becoming an increasingly comprehensive and diverse platform. Users even had the ability to creatively customize their avatars, providing a more entertaining and personalized experience.

La Primer Red Social Vegana
La Primer Red Social Vegana

Spreading the message…

The first vegan social network worldwide
The first vegan social network worldwide

As the MrGreen platform expanded, its commitment and passion for animal respect became increasingly evident. This did not go unnoticed by celebrities, artists, and journalists, who collaborated with the initiative through recorded messages recommending the application. News presenters such as Juan Jaramillo or Milena López expressed their support for the social network, acknowledging the value of its message and its positive impact on society. The energy of MrGreen spread further, and with each show of support, it got closer to its goals.

From its beginnings, Gwoaw has understood the importance of effectively communicating the message of animal respect without attacking people and using empathy, conscious revolution, and fun as key strategies. Thanks to this, they have managed to spread their message to an increasing number of people and significantly expand their reach.

As the days went by, an increasing number of people became interested in supporting the Gwoaw project, formerly known as MrGreen. The most prominent content creators and YouTubers worldwide in the field of veganism in the Hispanic world also did not hesitate to show their support for the platform. For instance, Nicolás Zuñiga from «Fitness Vegano,» a pioneer in spreading scientific knowledge and education about veganism, among many others, joined the cause of creating a platform that facilitates living a lifestyle respectful of animals.

Fitness as activism for animals

Prominent figures in vegan fitness joined the community to support the message of animal respect, such as Mexican athlete Kary Veggie, a champion in vegan bodybuilding and an animal rights activist. Throughout her fitness journey and bodybuilding competitions, she has spread the message that it is possible to be completely healthy while following a 100% plant-based diet. Nowadays, this may seem obvious to many people, but six years ago it wasn’t as widely accepted. There were many false myths surrounding the topic, myths that have since been debunked. Experts in the field, like Nicolás from Fitness, have been pioneers in the scientific dissemination of veganism.

A clear focus

The main focus of Gwoaw has always been animal respect. The platform is dedicated to facilitating and promoting practical, effective, and enjoyable animal-friendly lifestyles while fostering the development of authenticity as a core value. As Jhon López says: «

Authenticity is who we are, it’s where everything begins. It’s how we express ourselves in the world and how we relate to others. If you want to help animals, also care about helping yourself. That way, your assistance will be more consistent, impactful, and effective.

«People are drawn to revolution, to strong emotions, and to transforming drama into the adrenaline they may lack in their lives. But the reality is that when someone only complains, criticizes, and criticizes, they will end up boring others or intoxicating them with negativity, or many will simply stop listening because it becomes tiresome.

Communication is an art, knowing the value of humor and fun, and applying them responsibly is an extreme art. People act more based on emotions than reason, and science confirms this. It is estimated that 90% of human decisions are emotional, instinctive, and primitive, while only 10% are rational.»


Gwoaw is not just a web platform, in fact, it has multiple online platforms where it spreads its projects in favor of animal respect. It also utilizes other social media networks.

The first vegan social network worldwide
The first vegan social network worldwide

An event that marked the history of entrepreneurship in Latin America

Gwoaw has created projects like «Woaw Ventures,» which is the first major vegan entrepreneurship event in Latin America. Prominent figures in the field have participated, such as the actor from the famous series «Rebelde,» Christopher Uckermann (see here), notable presenters like Marco Antonio Regil, and pioneering vegan cooking YouTubers like Cocina Vegana Fácil. They have also invited many of the most prominent animal rights organizations from each country to participate in some of their projects, including Animal Defenders International, Vegetarianos Hoy, Anima Naturalis, and AnimalHeroes.

«Ponte fuerte por los animales» is another event developed by Gwoaw. This is considered the first major vegan fitness event in the Hispanic world, where the most prominent fitness influencers in the Spanish-speaking community will participate, such as Gero Imparable, Jorge Garcia, Esther Castro, José Leiras, Sebastian Blue (considered the first vegan bodybuilder in Latin America), among many others!

This is considered the first major worldwide vegan fitness event
This is considered the first major worldwide vegan fitness event

«Ponte Fuerte» is an event that will likely continue to be present in its new versions, and there is no doubt that it will remain very useful in spreading the message of animal respect, inviting people to adopt a plant-based diet with top-notch, responsible, and professional information.

Virtual events platform of the first vegan social network
Virtual events platform of the first vegan social network

As can be seen with this event, Gwoaw is an organization that not only focuses on physical health but also on mental and spiritual well-being. That is why they always invite responsible professionals and experts in these areas to their events. We’re talking about the amazing Mariana Mont, Dr. Evelyn, Ricardo Perret, Paulina Rul, and many more influential figures.

Vegan social network
Vegan social network

Even their own founder, Jhon López, has actively participated in Gwoaw events. Without a doubt, he is not a CEO who watches from the sidelines. This entrepreneur enjoys getting fully involved in the activities they develop, giving talks and conferences, and even being part of the lineup of presenters for «Ponte Fuerte» alongside the wonderful actress and TV presenter Stephanie Gerard, or the renowned Colombian chef Lina Urueta.

The creative social network has always stayed at the forefront of innovation. In 2021, Gwoaw created the World Federation of Vegan Entrepreneurship (, which includes different influencers in the field of veganism from various countries. For example, Ignacia Uribe, the creator of the renowned animal rights foundation Vegetarianos Hoy, and Ricardo Perret, a personal transformation guide, writer, speaker, and founder of the transformation center called La Montaña, are part of it. It also features journalists like Lyda Durango, the creator of El Reportero Animal, and Jose Leiras, the author of vegan books such as «Because the World Needs Vegano» and «Doping vegano» to excel in your sport by eating only vegetables. This initiative not only focuses on entrepreneurship but also emphasizes the importance of personal development, both physically and mentally and spiritually. It is a growing project with a promising future ahead.

World Federation of Vegan Entrepreneurship
World Federation of Vegan Entrepreneurship

in touch with them at the following email:, as they are integrating influencers in the subject from each country. The purpose is to spread and educate about vegan entrepreneurship globally.

A recent project by Gwoaw, which hasn’t been widely discussed yet, is based on the definition of «Yogan.» Although not much information has been made public about it, we know that this definition aims to promote animal-friendly lifestyles by focusing on practices rather than identity labels. It’s a practical option for those who are not interested in labeling themselves. However, we must wait for more specific information to be published about what this new expression called «Yogan» actually means; it is sure to generate a lot of discussion. You can find more information about this topic at

Gwoaw continues to work on integrating and developing options that facilitate and promote an animal-friendly way of life, as well as organizing activities and events related to this theme. In this way, the social network has managed to establish itself as a meeting place and connection for individuals committed to animal respect and the environment.

Virtual events platform of the first vegan social network
Virtual events platform of the first vegan social network

A platform for virtual vegan events

Gwoaw has developed its own virtual platform for vegan events called MEV (Multi Virtual Events), through which they have organized online events such as «Ponte Fuerte,» the pioneering fitness event in the Hispanic world. Although still in its early stages of development, this platform has generated a lot of interest as it is extremely user-friendly. It literally has three buttons through which users can access live talks in real-time, another button where they can view the agenda of activities, and another button where users can receive personalized support 24/7. Additionally, all the necessary materials to participate and interact in the events are integrated on a single page. For example, in a cooking event, you can download the recipe ingredients while watching the live event, all on one page, in a practical and straightforward manner. And not only that, after the events conclude, users can easily watch the event replay.

A whole journey…

Since its launch, Gwoaw has grown rapidly and managed to attract a large community of users from around the world who seek a more ethical and sustainable way of life without sacrificing fun. Jhon López says, «We all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves, that’s something we all know. Anyone who says otherwise probably does so because they don’t want to see others happy, just as they don’t allow themselves to be happy. If you are happy, you will also want others to be happy. If you live in anger with life, you will be bothered by seeing others happy, as people treat others the same way they treat themselves.»

Everyone is welcome

Gwoaw doesn’t solely focus on vegans and vegetarians but welcomes anyone seeking to expand their awareness and improve their habits for a more sustainable and animal-friendly life.

The platform is built upon creating a safe and animal exploitation-free space where the community can interact and share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge. Gwoaw ensures a respectful and animal-friendly environment, meaning that any form of content, product, or service that goes against animal respect is prohibited.

Green energy is always there

expressed by its founder, John López: «There were many times when people looked at me strangely when I told them I was creating a social network that respects animals. But for me, it was more than just an idea. I didn’t care what people thought because I knew what I was doing was important and necessary. I decided to trust what my heart was telling me. I envisioned the future I wanted to live and worked to make it a reality, and I still do.»

«The color green represents the energy of the heart. This may seem surprising to some, but I am also an extreme enthusiast of science. I have been able to witness and verify the marvel of what is present but not visible to the naked eye: the heart has over 45,000 neurons and functions similarly to a brain. It is also known that the heart emits electromagnetic waves that connect with other hearts. Recently, I had an interview with the most prominent neuroscience expert in the Hispanic world, Néstor Braidot, where we discussed this topic. You can watch the interview on YouTube under the title ‘The Brain of the Heart’.»

Gwoaw continues to evolve and currently offers a wide variety of content created by its users as well. These include events, concerts, business projects, vegan products, articles about cooking, fashion, music, tourism, and entertainment, as well as tips for living a more eco-friendly life and news about animals and the environment. It is a practical tool for educating oneself about animal-friendly lifestyles and having fun in the process. On this platform, fun and ethics go hand in hand to provide a unique experience.

Vegan social network
Vegan social network

ith its focus on fun and ethics, Gwoaw has positioned itself as an innovative social network that promotes freedom and authenticity, seeking to create a digital community united by values of empathy and respect for animals. In summary, Gwoaw is more than a social network; it is a movement towards a more conscious and sustainable world where animals are valued and respected.

Gwoaw believes in empathy and education as the best tools for creating lasting change in animal-friendly lifestyles. By providing information and resources for people to make more ethical and sustainable choices, Gwoaw aims to spread its knowledge and motivate more individuals to adopt habits that are respectful towards animals and the environment. The idea is that by learning more about the impact our choices have on the world around us, more people can see that it is possible to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of animals.

«En Gwoaw fomentamos la libertad y la autenticidad como valores fundamentales de la vida. No promovemos la etiquetación obligatoria de las personas, ya que consideramos que cada uno tiene su propia identidad y no debería ser limitado o definido por una etiqueta, cada ser en este mundo es único. En lugar de eso, promovemos la empatía y el respeto hacia los animales como un valor universal que puede ser adoptado por cualquier persona, independientemente de su identidad o preferencias. Al fomentar la libertad y la autenticidad, estamos creando un espacio seguro y acogedor donde las personas pueden compartir sus experiencias y aprender juntas sobre cómo podemos construir un futuro más sostenible y compasivo para todos.» Jhon López, creador de Gwoaw

To create more freedom, we must free ourselves from limiting beliefs.

Throughout time, Gwoaw has managed to bring together different communities of people who share their vision of a fairer and more animal- and environmentally-friendly world. Among them are entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, teachers, artists, musicians, and animal rights activists. This diversity of profiles allows Gwoaw to have a global perspective on the issues affecting the planet and, in turn, adapt to the needs of each community. Together, they work to build a more animal-respectful future.

Currently, Gwoaw has expanded its work through the creation of a travel agency called This agency focuses on documenting the best tourist destinations around the world that offer vegan-friendly product and service options, creating a valuable guide for those seeking to enjoy their vacations without compromising their ethical principles.

Through, information is shared about outstanding hotels and tourist attractions, allowing travelers to enjoy local culture and cuisine without having to sacrifice their animal-respecting beliefs. This initiative is a testament to their commitment to promoting an ethical and conscious lifestyle not only locally but also globally.

As Jhon López mentions, «Traveling expands your perspective on the realities experienced in this diverse world. As a passionate traveler, especially on a motorcycle, it is a way I use to meditate consciously. I enjoy doing what makes me happy, which is why I savor each of my projects. is the travel agency that seeks to showcase interesting tourist and cultural destinations while promoting animal-respectful lifestyle options. If there is a pattern that connects my projects, it is that they all promote and emphasize animal respect.»